Self Domain Name Hijacking

Self domain hijacking is a term that not too many domain buyers and investors know about, and they really need to know what it is.

What is this NEW term? It means changing the WHOis of one’s own domain name to make it look like the domain name was SOLD to another person.

Why is this done? So that the new owner (who is actually the old owner!) can sell the domain name at a much higher price than WHAT it is actually worth.

Also, it helps the hijacker to sell this domain name far more easily because research shows that over 70% of domain names sold online were sold earlier as well.

So, an important thing that buyers look out for is this very fact – Has the domain name sold in the past, and if yes, at what price did it sell.

Does this mean that over 70% of domain sales mentioned online are SELF domain name hijacks. Probably yes, probably no. But it is important to keep your eyes as open as a HAWK.

Let’s face it, self domain name hijacking has been going on for quite some time but the people who were doing it did not want this term leaked out on the web.

Many major domain investors and sellers from America are actively involved in self domain name hijacking. You can even spot such sales when you hear them say that they sold the domain at a really high price (much more than it could be worth) and that they were paid for the domain in cold hard cash.

Recently a four letter domain worth around $45000 was reported as sold by a domain seller named Rick for a price of over 1 Million dollars. And, by the way, as usual, the domain was paid for in cold hard cash. Imagine that!

A website called that reports weekly sales of domains which were sold at a high price is also under investigation by us for reporting domain sales that have been self domain name hijacked. The site is owned by a guy named Ron Jackson and he claims that he does proper checks to verify each domain has actually sold.

But he also smartly says that all domains were sold because three parties were involved - the buyer, the seller, and the domain broker or auction website. This is quite funny to me since in cases of self domain name hijacking all 3 parties are usually the same entity but using different names for the domain sale process.

You better watch out the next time you see a domain or website listed for sale at a much higher price than it really deserves.

You could be a victim of the criminals online who own domain names that are self hijacked and resold at much higher prices than the domain name is actually valued at.

Some months ago, the domain name was SOLD on FLIPPA for $42,000. WOW!

Did you buy it? Most people did. And, I don’t blame them for buying that the domain name actually SOLD for $42000.

Then, there have been several other domain names listed at highly popular auction websites which seem to have SOLD at ridiculous prices.

But, when you take a closer look at each of those sales after approx. 9 months or more you will find that surprisingly it is owned by a entity who owned that domain prior to it being sold in the first place.

The only thing is that self domain name hijackers are smart enough to hide their tracks well.

Also, most domain hijackers list their domains as SOLD and keeping the WHOis PRIVATE!!

So, it needs a real patient research specialist to find out the truth about them.

At most times, these domain investors and sellers are just like normal domain sellers.

The only thing you can do to spot such cyber criminals is to ask yourself that ONE important QUESTION.

This single question can help you from being cheated by these self domain name hijackers.

The question is…

So, the next time you find yourself browsing through a list of domain names that sold on SEDO or some other auction website ask yourself this one important question.

And, if you really believe that the domain name deserves the price it got when it was sold then it probably wasn’t self hijacked.

The information shared in this post is really important for you to save yourself from these notorious SELF domain name HIJACKERS.


By Savio D'Silva - 671 Words - October 24, 2013.
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