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TLD is essentially (and primarily) a domain (or domaining) blog. This section of will consist of posts related directly to TLDs and gTLDs. A TLD is a Top Level Domain and is the term used to signify the topmost domain name extensions such as .com, .net, .in, .org, .info and so on. There are over 150 TLDs right now and another 200 TLDs are expected to be added to this list within the next few years.

Domain extensions such as .app, .web, .online, etc. will lead the next generation TLDs in the coming months. Even cities like New York City and Paris will have their own little TLD (.nyc et .paris). Cool huh!

The primary (and sole) objective of this blog is to share information and learn more about Top Level Domains. There will rarely be posts or articles here that are not directly connected to domain buying, selling or trading.

I (Savio D'Silva) have been in the domain investing and selling business for a few years now. I thought it was time I started my own little domain name blog on the web. I didn't want to have another website for it though so I thought it would be best to house this tiny TLD venture of mine on one of my websites itself. So here it is!

TLD will (hopefully) feature messages, articles and posts connected to the domain registration and selling world. Advice, tips, comments, views, news and almost everything else that I find important enough to share will find a place on this blog.

I will not be marketing this blog on Twitter or other such social media websites nor will I be putting up many advertisements on this blog. Ads will always be minimal and pages have been designed to quicken loading speeds. The focus is on the content and not on design or other areas.

It's a space to come to when you want to learn something new or more about the TLDs and gTLDs. It's a blog where you can read my views and posts on domaining and comment on the same so as to share your personal opinions too.

In the future, perhaps, there will be some modifications to the design but never to the primary objectives of this blog. This blog is a tiny space for me to write about the TLDs and not much more.

By Savio D'Silva - 404 Words - October 15, 2013.
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I am pleased to see this domain blog of yours and excited to know that you will be sharing your knowledge on domain investing and selling here. Thank you for letting us into your world once again.
[37 Words | October 15, 2013]

Thanks a lot for your eternal and loyal support for my projects. I am sure that this will be yet another exciting project for all of us at Enoma and Saviodsilva. Hope to see loads of contributions on this blog from your immense experience in domain selling with us and on your own as well.
[55 Words | October 15, 2013]

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