More Is More

'More is More' is a saying that is actually true when it comes to selling domains each month.

Domainers believe that domaining is like any other profession. It simply isn't. Actually, the reverse is true in the domain selling world. When you are aiming to sell dozens of domains each month then there is just one rule to remember. And, that rule is of pivotal importance for each and every domainer to remember. Unfortunately, most professional domainers (or those who have sold domains for over a year) don't seem to get this rule.

Professional domain sellers include those domaining gurus who sell hundreds of domains each and every year. This basic rule seems to elude almost everyone. And as a result they are seeing a huge drop in their sales ratios. The entire domain market seems to be in the pits, but for a few exceptions. These exceptions are those domain sellers who manage to sell in the toughest market conditions in existence.

These domain selling experts know what to sell, where to sell, when to sell and most importantly how to sell. These domain selling experts do not depend on auction websites like SEDO or AFTERNIC. They play an active role in the selling of their domains.

These domain selling experts who we shall call "HEROES" spend as much time on selling a domain as they do buying that domain. They spend most of their time researching the markets, finding the best niche, and using the basic rule of "MORE is MORE". Yes, in the domain selling world MORE is MORE. And, anyone else who tells you something different is lying or doesn't know too much about mass selling.

The heroes invest considerable amounts of money on buying domains in bulk and then they list them for sale in bulk too. They know that only 2% to 10% of the domains you list for sale in any given month will sell. No matter what. So, they make sure that they are selling around 70 to 100 domains at the same time, and every month. Since they know that just 7 to 10 of these domains will actually sell.

They also remember to be as realistic as they possibly can when attempting to sell their domains. They seem to have mastered the game of selling domains. Or the art, whatever you wish to call it. Right from where to sell their domains, to their sales pitch, till the perfect timing, and most importantly - the perfect price.

Right now, 3 domain registrars are having a sale wherein you can register dot com domains at just $0.99 a piece. The heroes make the most of such opportunities and register as many domains in a single go as they can. They spend enough time on researching available dot com names and then they go to such domain registrars and register many domains in one go.

Then they work on developing these domains and turning them into "fine" micro websites that pulls in the traffic. When they know that the time is perfectly right they list the domains for sale to their private buyers or on auction websites they trust. The perfect time is when the domain is getting some real TRAFFIC and ranking on PAGE 1 for some popular keyword. Also, the timing is right when the domain name you chose is a popular keyword anyway.

They also know that any money spent on developing a domain is a pure waste of dollars if they could develop those names themselves. A dollar saved is a dollar earned. They develop their micro websites themselves and then sell them at a tiny profit. This tiny profit might be between $20 to $50 per domain sold. So, if you are looking for profits bigger than this then this rule may not work as well for you.

Some domainers out there might call me a MISER in their minds but I firmly believe that a dollar saved is a dollar earned. And so, when I sell my $0.99 domains in the near future using these strategies then I end up making around $20 to $50 per domain sold. For me, adding all those dollars (what other domain sellers call small change) ends up making a big difference to my bank accounts (and my life).

Bottom line, remember that less is more does not work where domain sales are concerned in today's tough and highly competitive market conditions. If you wish to sell domains on a regular basis, and for a neat profit then you must list MORE and MORE domains for sale. And, please, please, make sure that the price you expect for a domain is REALISTIC.

There is a domainer who owned a domain name called "" and he had listed it for sale for $7000. I told many people that such domain prices will not attract too many buyers for that domain. And, that buyers that even want to buy this domain name will not dig that deep into their pockets for such a domain name.

The joke is that this domainer had purchased this domain name for $3500 from Namejet. I sold a similar domain name just a few months ago. The domain name was "". The only difference between my domain name that sold and his domain name that hadn't sold is the "hyphen" or dash between the two words CHINESE and PROVERBS.

My domain sold because I had 400 domains ready for sale in the same month which ensured that I sold at least 40 domains that month using my selling secrets, techniques and strategies most of which will be shared on this website in the coming months. Best of luck selling that proverb domain for $7000!

Perhaps domainers out there should start following some of the secrets I am sharing on my domain blog.

By Savio D'Silva - 989 Words - October 15, 2013.
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