Domain Sales Pitch Example

The right sales pitch can make a sale, and the wrong one can break it.

There are certain domain sellers on sales forums that sell thousands of domains each year.

We have studied many of them, and generated a tiny database of the different kinds of sales pitches (content) they use to sell their domains on popular sales forums.

Here is an example of a SALES PITCH that works.....

- - - - - - - - START OF SALES COPY - - - - - - - -

Hi Buyers,
On sale today is a wonderful "COUNTRY" domain name that belongs to a popular vacation spot in the "TOURISM" market.

The domain name is selling cheap, and is most suitable for anyone hoping to develop into a website and resell it later.

This an Exact Match Domain name, and the country it represents is a popular tourist destination.

The domain is already a PR2 domain, and the article currently on the micro site (worth $5) comes along with the domain sale.

Buyers can buy this domain, develop it into a better website for this beautiful country and resell it at a much higher price.

The domain name was registered on 10th -------, 2012 at Godaddy.

Those that purchase this domain name will receive a free push of this domain to their account at Godaddy.

The name of the domain name on sale today is....

C--k Islands . Me

C--k Islands has 49,500 Exact Searches on Google, and approximately 4900 Exact Searches on Bing.

The CPC listed for this domain is a bit over $1 with some tourism and hotel related keyword have CPCs of $2 and above.

The price of this wonderful country domain name is just $***.

Those interested in purchasing this country domain can simply PM me to get it.

Those that have the time to develop this domain into a larger website will certain benefit from this purchase.

The reason I am selling this domain name is because we sell domain names and websites for a living.

We own over 1000 domain names right now and it's difficult to develop them all into sites at the same time.

Payment by verified buyers on PayPal and we cover all fees.

You need to pay only the cost of the domain mentioned here.

Please do your research before buying this domains listed for sale by me.

I always offer quality domains for sale but it is always good to do research on the name, backlinks, PR, etc.

Thank You!

- - - - - - - - END OF SALES COPY - - - - - - - -

Please do not directly copy-paste these Sales Pitches but work with this for a while and make your own original sales pitch copy.

Happy Domaining!

By Savio D'Silva - 494 Words - October 15, 2013.
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