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Perhaps the smartest new domain name extension or TLD that will be online in 2014 is .xyz since we feel it is an extension that can be added to virtually anything.

You can add .xyz to a company name, place name, person's name, keyword, etc.

It is almost certainly going to be one of the top 10 domain names to be registered in 2014. And we can almost lay a big bet on this one with anyone who wishes to challenge us on this one.

.xyz is a TLD that is owned by a young business owner and domain investor who also owns names like degree.com so you can clearly see that this guy might be young but definitely not a new comer on the domain name scene.

Web4Africa has already shown great faith in this new domain extension and have signed an exclusive contract with xyz.com to ensure that the whole of Africa can be among the first to register .xyz domain names in early 2014.

So confident is the owner of this domain extension, that the company has set up a huge office just for .xyz domain name management in Las Vegas and the office is already operational with staff and everything.

I have a strong feeling about this domain name extension and I will definitely be owning at least 20 big domain names in 2014 with the ending .xyz.

The reason I like this domain extension so much is because you can use it for virtually anything (if you have the right name registered) and can really market it well to your customers and prospects because it will be as easy to remember as a dot com. I know that is saying a lot too soon but let's see if we are right or wrong on this one.

The one thing that could possibly goof up the registration of this new TLD is if the owners keep the prices of the domain very high to register. For example, I can invest $10 for a good .xyz domain name but I wouldn't throw my money away in spending $25 or more for a .xyz domain name especially if Africans are going to be using it for most of the time.

By Savio D'Silva - 380 Words - November 6, 2013.
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