Texas is a famous state in USA and is one of the most populated states with Austin being the capital of this popular state in America. [25 words] [Sushma] [Oct 22, 2013]

Texas State is rich in natural resources and is a home to many big industries such as oil refining, chemicals, machinery and hence is one of the largest producer of greenhouse gases. [32 words] [Sushma] [Oct 22, 2013]

Texas has many tourist attractions and places to visit such as the Six flags over Texas, Sea world, Houston space center, Moody garden and many more. [27 words] [Sushma] [Oct 22, 2013]

Texas is the second largest and also the second most populous state of America; and because of its distinct culture, politics and colourful history the Texans maintain a fiercely different identity than that of mainstream Americans. [36 words] [Dolphi] [Oct 22, 2013]

Tourists love to visit Texas because of the hospitality, generosity and zest for life evinced by the Texans in general; and for the variety of cultural experiences in different parts of the state like the Hill Country and the Rio Grande valley. [42 words] [Dolphi] [Oct 22, 2013]

Some interesting cities of Texas are: Austin, the state capital and the music capital of the world; Dallas, the ultra modern city and a favourite tourist destination; El Paso, the largest city on the U.S./Mexico border; Houston, the Mission Control Centre of NASA and the largest city of Texas. [49 words] [Dolphi] [Oct 22, 2013]

Texas has several busy commercial airports (such as Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Houston and San Antonio) giving easy access to national and international air travellers. [26 words] [Dolphi] [Oct 22, 2013]

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