Las Vegas

Las Vegas also known as betting capital is located in the Nevada state of the US and allures tourists from across the world with colorful casinos, vibrant night life, delicious dinning and variety shopping which visitors would cherish a lifetime. [40 words] [Sushma] [Sep 24, 2013]

Apart from being a gambling city, it also is a home to several museums educating all age groups of visitors on various topics from science to history. [27 words] [Sushma] [Sep 24, 2013]

The city’s economy is mainly dependent on tourism as it forms the main chunk of the income with numerous casinos, hotels and resorts. [23 words] [Sushma] [Sep 24, 2013]

Located in the Mojave Desert at the far south-western corner of Nevada State of the U.S., Las Vegas is known as the entertainment capital of the world. [27 words] [Dolphi] [Sep 28, 2013]

During the 19th century the present-day Las Vegas was just a watering hole along the Old Spanish Trail for the trading parties travelling from the New Mexico City and heading towards Los Angeles. [33 words] [Dolphi] [Sep 28, 2013]

Several artesian wells supporting vast green areas spread across small pockets of the desert valley along the early trading trail and hence the name “Las Vegas” meaning the meadows in Spanish was given by those trading parties to this watering stop along the trail. [44 words] [Dolphi] [Sep 28, 2013]

The development of the entertainment industry and the gambling dens in Las Vegas was a combined effort of local business owners, Mormon financiers and the Mafia crime lords coinciding with the construction of the huge Hoover Dam during the 1930s which created the market of large scale migrant population of male construction workers. [53 words] [Dolphi] [Sep 28, 2013]

Las Vegas was established in 1905 & was incorporated as a city in 1911 & it ranks as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. [27 words] [Lubna] [Oct 9, 2013]

Las Vegas is surrounded by dry mountains. The landscape is rocky and dusty & the environment is surrounded by desert vegetation and some wildlife. [24 words] [Lubna] [Oct 9, 2013]

The city of Las Vegas has a sub-tropical & hot desert climate having abundant sunshine throughout the year & the winters are of short duration. [25 words] [Lubna] [Oct 9, 2013]

Las Vegas is also known as the 'Entertainment Capital of the World'. Rarely snow is found here. Temperatures are neither very hot nor too low. [25 words] [Lubna] [Oct 9, 2013]

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