Europe is a continent now officially termed as the European Union or EU and is the birthplace of whatever we now consider as Western Culture. [25 words] [Savio] [Oct 1, 2013]

Some of the most popular tourism destinations in the world are in Europe including France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, UK, Turkey, Ireland and more. [24 words] [Savio] [Oct 1, 2013]

Mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers, forests, deserts, fields and seas are all present in every major country in this continent thus making it a must-see destination for a tourist wanting to see the world in a matter of days.. [38 words] [Savio] [Oct 1, 2013]

Enchanting, enthralling, engrossing, egalitarian and economically the most powerful and influential continent of the world, Europe, has a glorious past with UK, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal ruling different parts of the world till mid-19th century. [36 words] [Raphael] [Oct 1, 2013]

Europe is mostly populated by fair-skinned Caucasoid race but shows great cultural diversity, and this conglomeration of cultures that we see in Europe today is the result of large scale migrations of German, Roman, Saxon and Celtic tribes to various parts of Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire. [50 words] [Dolphi] [Oct 3, 2013]

Europe is credited to have cradled two great civilizations, Greek and Roman, in the history of the world and their far-reaching effect is still being felt in our present-day arts, literature and the sciences. [34 words] [Dolphi] [Oct 3, 2013]

The sea-faring European nations such as England, Spain, Portugal and France sailed around the world initially as traders but gradually colonized most parts of the world starting from mid-15th century till mid-20th century. [33 words] [Dolphi] [Oct 3, 2013]

The formation of European Union, of which gas now 28 member states, has integrated the economies of member nations with a single Euro currency and has led to tremendous development of free trade and economy within Europe. [37 words] [Dolphi] [Oct 3, 2013]

Majority of the Europeon people are Christians & the religion has been practiced in Europe since the 1st century. The largest Christian country in Europe is Russia followed by Germany and Italy. [32 words] [Lubna] [Oct 14, 2013]

Europe covers about 10,180,000 sq. kms or 2% of the Earth's surface and about 6.8% of its land area. The Vatican City is smallest. [24 words] [Lubna] [Oct 14, 2013]

Europe, the birthplace of Western culture, played a predominant role in global affairs from the 15th century onwards. The birthplace of Western culture is Europe. [25 words] [Lubna] [Oct 14, 2013]

The eastern frontier of Europe was defined by geographer Strabo at the 'River Don' in the 1st century. The Renaissance spread saw the flowering of art, philosophy, music & science between the 14th and 16th century across Europe. [38 words] [Lubna] [Oct 14, 2013]

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