Detroit is a highly populated city in the state of Michigan and is unofficially considered as the car capital of the country. [22 words] [Wonay] [Sep 20, 2013]

Detroit forms a border between USA and Canada which is approximately 52 kilometers long and is a city well known for Motown music and is the oldest American city in the Midwest. [32 words] [Wonay] [Sep 20, 2013]

Detroit is famous for its auto industry and is also nicknamed Motor City and Motown. The big 3 auto companies, viz. General Motors, Fort and Chrysler have their factories located here. [31 words] [Raphael] [Sep 21, 2013]

On July 18, 2013, Detroit Municipality filed for the biggest bankruptcy in American history which was a reason for raised eyebrows and popped out eyeballs among the economic circles. [29 words] [Raphael] [Sep 21, 2013]

Detroit is a famous city of the United States with many diverse tourist attractions enticing all age groups of people from across the world. [24 words] [Sushma] [Sep 24, 2013]

Detroit institute of Arts, Michigan science center, Detroit river front, Comerica Park, opera house etc. are some of the famous tourist attractions of Detroit. [24 words] [Sushma] [Sep 24, 2013]

Detroit has been a popular city of the US from yesteryears and was the heart of the automobile industry which created many job opportunities and attracted more immigrants to the city. [31 words] [Sushma] [Sep 24, 2013]

Detroit once regarded as the automobile capital of the USA and arguably of the world, is a classic example of fall from grace and glory when it filed for bankruptcy in July 2013. [33 words] [Raphael] [Oct 1, 2013]

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