The city of Chicago ranks third in population in the United States having 2.7 million residents & was incorporated in 1837 & the city includes the well-known nicknames, Windy City and Second City. [33 words] [Lubna] [Sep 28, 2013]

Chicago is derived as the name from the Native American word 'shikaakwa' called as 'wild onion' or 'wild garlic' called chicagoua which grew abundantly in the area. [27 words] [Lubna] [Sep 28, 2013]

Chicago is a famous city situated in the Midwestern United States and the Great Lakes region on the southwestern shores of Lake Michigan in northeastern Illinois. [26 words] [Lubna] [Sep 28, 2013]

The name for the entire Chicago metropolitan area is given as 'Chicagoland' informally & it does not have any precise definition for its term. [24 words] [Lubna] [Sep 28, 2013]

Chicago is a metropolitan city on Lake Michigan in the Midwest of the U.S. and is bustling with energy during warm summer months with world-class facilities for dining and shopping whether you are on a pleasure trip or on a business visit. [42 words] [Dolphi] [Oct 1, 2013]

Chicago, a vibrant city of towering skyscrapers and sandy beaches, is also a great place to visit with family for spectacular sightseeing, maddening entertainment or simply for good relaxation. [29 words] [Dolphi] [Oct 1, 2013]

Chicago is a center for arts and culture sporting several museums and art galleries of every variety; grand theatres like Steppenwolf, Goodman and Broadway; highly popular Shedd Aquarium and the renowned Art Institute of Chicago. [35 words] [Dolphi] [Oct 1, 2013]

Metropolitan Chicago developed alongside the influx during late 19th and early 20th centuries of black migrant workers, who concentrated mostly on the city’s south side and gave rise to its proud African-American cultural heritage, especially Chicago Zazz. [38 words] [Dolphi] [Oct 1, 2013]

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