Cambodia is one of the most beautiful places in Asia though the Genocide and the Civil War have cast a dark shadow on tourism here. [25 words] [Savio] [Oct 4, 2013]

The Angkor Wat is one of the wonders of the world and hundreds of thousands of tourists walk around this temple every year. [23 words] [Savio] [Oct 4, 2013]

Cambodia is doing her best to raise tourist counts during the last few years and the changes have been noticed with Siem Reap and Sihanoukville gaining ground during the first few months of this year. [35 words] [Savio] [Oct 4, 2013]

For those on a budget, a Cambodian vacation is the ideal choice since you can easily live, eat and drink in the capital city or Siem Reap on a budget of $10 to $20 a day. [36 words] [Savio] [Oct 4, 2013]

The ancient name of Cambodia is Kambuja in the Sanskrit language. It got its independence in 1953. It has one of the best economic records in Asia. [27 words] [Lubna] [Oct 23, 2013]

Cambodia is a constitutional monarchy under King Norodom Sihanouk. The area was formerly a part of the Khmer Empire. More than one million ethnic Khmers live here. [27 words] [Lubna] [Oct 23, 2013]

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs under Hor Namhong handles the foreign relations of Cambodia. Cambodia is a member of the Asian Development Bank (ABD). [24 words] [Lubna] [Oct 23, 2013]

The geopolitical interest of China changed greatly with the end of the Cold War in Cambodia. The highest peak in Cambodia is Phnom Aural. [24 words] [Lubna] [Oct 23, 2013]

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