The world knows the country of Brazil (situated in South America) mainly for her Soccer team and the legendary Carnival that is held each year in Rio de Janiero. [29 words] [Savio] [Oct 22, 2013]

Brazil is the country with the largest population in both South and Latin America (5th largest globally) and it has many areas which are considered to be the most densely populated human areas in the entire world. [37 words] [Savio] [Oct 22, 2013]

Brazil is a country of great cultural and topographic diversity ranging from the bustling mosaic of urban life of Sao Paulo to the wilderness of Amazon rainforest and its famed tourist spot of Iguacu Falls. [35 words] [Dolphi] [Oct 23, 2013]

Brazil is the largest country in South America and the fifth largest in the world; all Brazilians love football as their traditional and national game, and Brazilís team is one of the strongest one in every World Cup tournament; they have a great penchant for boisterous life as evidenced in annual Carnavals held in several cities like Rio de Janerio, Salvador, Recife and Olinda. [64 words] [Dolphi] [Oct 23, 2013]

Brazilís population comprises mostly indigenous ethnic groups; the Portuguese started colonizing and exploiting its natural riches through activities like gold mining, rubber, sugar and coffee plantations from 17th century onwards; and many Portuguese settled in the land greatly influencing its culture and religion. [43 words] [Dolphi] [Oct 23, 2013]

Brazil became an independent nation in 1822 and has gradually become the leading economic power in Latin America despite two decades of military intervention in governance starting early 1960s, but is still plagued by social ills like unequal distribution of wealth, political corruption and rising crime rate. [47 words] [Dolphi] [Oct 23, 2013]

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