Belgium is a founding member of the European Union. It covers an area of 30,528 square kilometres. The population is about 11 million people in the country. [27 words] [Lubna] [Oct 29, 2013]

The name 'Belgium' comes from Gallia Belgica which is a Roman province in the northernmost part of Gaul. It became the 15th largest trading nation of the world in the year 2007. [32 words] [Lubna] [Oct 29, 2013]

The main imports of Belgium include raw materials, machinery & equipment, chemicals, raw diamonds, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, transportation equipment & oil products. The country has been a single trade market with customs and currency union. [34 words] [Lubna] [Oct 29, 2013]

The country has three official languages; Dutch, French and German & three officially recognized religions; Christianity, Islam & Judaism. The people of Belgium are known to enjoy good health. [31 words] [Lubna] [Oct 29, 2013]

Belgium is a Western European federal monarchy and is the founder member of European Union; it hosts the headquarters of the EU and also that of NATO. [27 words] [Dolphi] [Oct 29, 2013]

Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg are North Sea countries, historically also known as Low Countries, as several parts of these countries lie at sea level or below. [26 words] [Dolphi] [Oct 29, 2013]

Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is Europeís most multicultural city and is also the unofficial capital of the European Union; it has several historic buildings like gothic town hall and baroque guildhalls around the cityís famous Grand Place. [38 words] [Dolphi] [Oct 29, 2013]

The tourists are attracted by the natural beauty of Belgiumís diverse topography such as the coastal plains in the northeast, central rolling hills, thickly wooded hills and valleys of Ardennes Forest in the southeast. [35 words] [Dolphi] [Oct 29, 2013]

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