Zooey Deschanel

Zoeey Deschanel is the actress that played the lead role next to Jim Carrey in the blockbuster comedy movie 'Yes Man'. [21 words] [Wonay] [Sep 28, 2013]

She was born in LA on 17th January, 1980 and carved a name for herself as an actress with her earlier movies such as Mumford, Almost Famous and Elf. [29 words] [Wonay] [Sep 28, 2013]

She has close to 3 Million fans on Facebook and is an enigmatic lady who has won the hearts of many with her acting, singing and musical talents. [28 words] [Wonay] [Sep 28, 2013]

She is the co-founder of an immensely popular website called HelloGiggles.com and also an important half in the duo 'She and Him'. [22 words] [Wonay] [Sep 28, 2013]

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