Bob Marley

He lived in a poor area called Nine Miles and he grew up to become the most famous name to ever come out of Jamaica. [25 words] [Wonay] [Sep 2, 2013]

Bob Marley was born February 6th, 1945 in Saint Ann but grew up in Trenchtown and he died on 5th November, 1981 leaving behind a strong footprint on the musical industry and a permanent mark in the world of reggae music. [41 words] [Wonay] [Sep 2, 2013]

An icon that was born and raised in a third world country that has his unique and catchy brand of reggae songs being played in clubs, hostels, dorms and homes around the planet. [33 words] [Wonay] [Sep 2, 2013]

While taking a flight from Germany to his home country, Jamaica, Bob Marley’s vital organs became dysfunctional and he had to be taken to Cedars of Lebanon hospital in Maimi, Florida where he breathed his last of 11th of May 1981. [41 words] [Raphael] [Sep 7, 2013]

Bob Marley (1945-1981), a singer, musician and song writer from Jamaica introduced reggae music to the world and has carved for himself worldwide name and fame in the sphere of reggae genre of music. [34 words] [Dolphi] [Sep 10, 2013]

More than 20 million reggae music records of Bob Marley were sold during his brief musical career, making him the first music superstar to emerge internationally from the third world. [30 words] [Dolphi] [Sep 10, 2013]

He was the child of a black teenaged mother and a much older absentee white father, spent his childhood in a rural village of St Ann’s Parish in Jamaica, struggled in poverty, later moved to the poorest neighbourhood of Kingston where he formed his musical group “The Wailers” with his friends Livingstone and MacIntosh. [54 words] [Dolphi] [Sep 10, 2013]

Bob Marley’s legacy of reggae music continues to inspire people and receive international acclaim long after his death due to cancer in1981; his commitment to fight oppression is continued through “Bob Marley Foundation” established in his memory which is devoted to help the people and organizations in developing countries. [57 words] [Dolphi] [Sep 10, 2013]

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