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Yorkie puppies belong to the Yorkshire terrier breed of dogs, native to England and weigh a maximum of 3kgs.

Yorkie puppies are usually black in color when they are born with a tinge of tan around the eyes, legs,feet and toes.

The long fur requires a lot of brushing and maintenance which needs to begin at an early age in order to make them accustomed to it daily.

Diet for Yorkie puppies generally consists of low fat food and food rich in nutrients and proteins such as chicken, catfish and fibre rich food.

Yorkie puppies are very active and play often and are suited even for apartment life as they are comfortable indoors.

Yorkie puppies are very active and energetic and are never comfortable in cold or wet weather and prefer warm climates.

Training Yorkie puppies is a bit difficult as they are very stubborn, aggressive in nature and even possessive of certain food or toys.

Regular health checkups are a must for Yorkie puppies as they are prone to many health problems such as bronchitis, liver shunt etc.

Since Yorkie puppies are small in size, they are more prone to injuries and have a life expectancy of around 12-15years.

With proper care and affection, these cute little puppies are lovable and loyal and can make a great companion at home.

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Yorkie Puppies
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