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Water sports have suddenly taken the fancy of the world making it the most popular recreation activity among the vacationers, travellers and the sports enthusiasts.

The types of activities range from scouring the depths of the oceans to hovering above the water attached to a parachute.

Safe water sports enable you to enjoy to the fullest with confidence and at minimum risk in a wide range of exciting activities that combine healthy physical activity with recreation.

Swimming skill is the basic pre-requisite for all types of water sports and does not require any kind of special equipment, but puts the swimmer’s strength and endurance to test depending on the speed and distance covered.

Simple swimming pool activities, although usually include monotonous laps up and down, now offer a lot more interesting activities such as water polo, synchronized swimming etc.

Surfing is an exciting activity where one can perform marvellous feats using a simple traditional surfboard or a board with a wind-sail.

Diving offers a variety of adventurous activities such as aerobic diving into water or cliff diving; scuba diving and snorkelling require special underwater exploratory skills to discover a strange new world beneath the water.

Speed counts, first and foremost, in speed water-sports that include power-boating, water skiing etc. and give maximum thrills to the enthusiast because of the adventurous spirit that it involves.

Boating activity can be simple boat cruising in river or ocean waters, rafting down white water rapids, dinghy racing across a lake or crossing the oceans in a yacht, all of which need considerable skill and daring.

Water sports are wonderful provided adequate safety precautions are taken because of grave dangers lurking within the inane looking hideous waters.

The safety precautions include undergoing proper training, using appropriate equipment fully checked for good working condition, ascertaining in advance the weather conditions and forecasts, carrying the means of communication and informing concerned personnel before venturing out into risky locations.

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Water Sports such as Surfing rose to prominence during the 80s and the 90s with a couple of Surfing movies such as 'Point Break' and 'Blue Crush' hitting it big at the box office too. [35 words] [Savio] [Oct 2, 2013]

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Playing in the water or just swimming in a pool or going out sailing for a day has become rather important in the world of today where stress, anger and other negative emotions take a toll on us. [38 words] [Savio] [Oct 2, 2013]

Millionaires and their kids love to go out in the Yachts and sailboats for a day on the sea during the Summer months when the skies are blue above and the ocean water is wonderfully calm. [36 words] [Savio] [Oct 2, 2013]

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