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Voice recognition software is a tool that converts speech into text with help of inbuilt programs thereby replacing the need for typing.

Voice recognition software is an amazing tool that recognizes almost 90% of what an individual speaks, analyzes the speech or sound and converts them into text format.

This software comes as a boon to individuals with physical disabilities and people with the problem of dyslexia.

Another advantage of voice recognition software is that it is compatible to most of the operating systems that are commonly used.

Voice recognition software includes a headset, microphone and a manual for reference while some software even provides text to speech conversion facilities.

Apart from being useful for individuals with physical disabilities, the voice recognition software saves time thus increasing efficiency.

This software has its own drawbacks as it can be affected by background noise and the speech or sounds can be misinterpreted if spoken too fast.

It can also be disturbing to other people sharing the work space at office and every minute detail such as comma,full stop,space needs to be spoken and specified.

The software saves time for doctors in typing patient records, used for customer support in various sectors and even for voice verification or identification.

To conclude, voice recognition software has made and continues to make life easier and simple for people in various sectors across the globe.

Article Written by Sushma Srivatsan [238 Words]
Posted on Oct 1, 2013 with Views.

Voice Recognition Software Information

Voice recognition software will probably be a huge market in the future since people will need it to communicate more easily, speedily and conveniently over their cell phones, gadgets and other electronic devices that are software enabled. [37 words] [Savio] [Oct 1, 2013]

The busy CEO, the hard working Psychologist, the intensively researching scientist, and most others who cannot sit at their computers and type for long hours benefit from owning a good quality voice recognition software. [34 words] [Savio] [Oct 1, 2013]

Voice Recognition Software
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