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Romantic getaways are picturesque destinations that are usually visited by newlyweds or young couples to spend an enjoyable outing filled with romance and leisure.

Couples have a lot of options to choose from as there are many romantic getaways from hill stations cruises, resorts, to beach destinations and islands.

Hill stations, islands and resorts are the most sought after romantic getaways located amidst nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a tantalizing experience.

The cool sea breeze, the beauty of the mountains, or a romantic dinner creates everlasting memories for couples to be cherished for life.

Romantic getaways enable couples to spend personal time with each other privately, thereby improving personal bonding between them.

Nowadays, couples are too stressed with work and other responsibilities that quality time with each other takes a back seat.

Romantic getaways are the perfect outing for couples to ease stress, relax and spend quality time reconnecting with each other.

These getaways also improve love and intimacy in a strained relationship between couples getting their love or marital life back on track.

Paris, Hawaii islands, Kashmir, Shimla, Kerala, Venice, London, Maldives and Las Vegas are some of the famous romantic getaways across the world.

Romantic getaways are pleasurable destinations giving an unforgettable experience for couples which they would treasure a lifetime.

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There are many similarities between the most popular honeymoon destinations and romantic getaways since both offer the privacy, seclusion and serenity that couples love to have whether they are newly married or together for many years. [36 words] [Savio] [Oct 2, 2013]

Romantic Getaways
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