Rehab or rehabilitation relates to any systematic program that assists an individual to cope up with personal, physical, psychological or social disabilities in order to become a well-adjusted and a useful member of the society.

Different rehabilitation programs, usually offered at dedicated centres, deal with drug addiction, alcoholism, criminal behaviour or surviving traumatic experiences.

Of these, drug addiction and alcoholism is becoming a widespread social problem in view of changing lifestyles, stressful life, organized crime and availability of resources.

Drug addicts and alcoholics cannot live harmoniously with their families and their surroundings resulting in attenuated psychological problems and entanglements with the law.

Several privately funded or publicly maintained rehab centres have now come up all over the world to provide psycho-therapeutic treatment to addicts to wean them away from drugs and alcohol dependency.

The treatment at rehab centres includes gradual detoxification, medication for depression and other disorders, counselling and techniques like yoga and meditation.

The process of recovery from addiction starts with the recognition of the overpowering compulsion of addictive substances over mind and seeking the help of ‘the higher power’ for strength in overcoming the habit.

It proceeds with self-analysis of one’s life with the guidance of an experienced person to find out what went wrong, to accept responsibility and to make amends accordingly.

After realizing one’s failings the process goes on to chart a new life with a new code of behaviour; while volunteering to help others to recover.

This basic philosophy is beautifully outlined in the ‘Twelve Step Principles’ of the worldwide network of various ‘Anonymous’ self-help organizations who assist the addicts to recover and to stay recovered from their harmful addictions through mutual support and by sharing one another’s experiences.

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