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Red wines come in attractive colours, an astounding variety of flavours, impressive styles and an array of tantalizing names. They are believed to have several health benefits, especially for the heart. In many places red wine is routinely consumed as a part of the daily meals.

Red wine when consumed in moderation is good for a healthy heart. Certain antioxidants like reserveratrol contained in it prevent heart ailments by increasing good cholesterol levels that protect arteries from damage.

Experimentation on mice in small doses of reserveratrol (a key ingredient of red wine) has proven that it suppresses bad cholesterol, reduces inflammation and prevents blood clots.

Although a glass of red wine at every meal is good, too much alcohol can have harmful effects on health. Also, there is no clear health-wise evidence that red wine is better than white wine, beer or other forms of alcohol.

Hundreds of varieties of red grapes are grown around the world from which different types of red wines with a variety of flavours are produced.

The red wine comes in an assortment of colours such as dark red, light red, ruby red, maroon, purple, violet, and even almost black. They are produced from grapes ranging in colours from reddish, deep purple and a variety of shades of blue. The skins of the grapes remain in contact with the juice during the process of fermentation allowing the dispersal of their colour and tannin to the wine.

There are about fifty major types of red wines available in the worldwide market. They are marketed with famous names like Cabernet, Gamay, Grenache, Malbec, Merlot, Shiraz, Pinot Noir and others. The wine aficionados know them exactly by their flavours, colours and the specific regions of the world where the particular types of grapes are grown.

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