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A press release is specifically a statement given to the media and in today’s environment of instant media coverage it becomes an effective public relations tool.

Press releases can be news items, a schedule of events, release of new products, the accomplishments or other highlights of your company/organization.

Add information of real value, adequately persuasive, calling for action. The information-hungry consumer does not have time to listen to marketing babble.

The headline of the press release should be a leading and an eye-catching one with important keywords in order to grab the reader’s attention and to give good visibility to the search engines.

Give complete and relevant information with actual facts in the body of the document using short sentences and paragraphs, making the reporters’ task easy. Also give complete contact information (telephones and email address) with a brief introduction about your company and the type of business embedding relevant links.

Pay attention to clarity by explaining who, what, where, when, how and why. Keep details short and to the point so that it becomes clean, crisp and applicable to the concerned audience, and almost ready to go to the press.

If your press release is newsworthy the journalists would like to contact you, gather more information and interview the key personnel.

Press release is essentially a piece of news and not an advertisement. It is right on track if it goes to the right people at the first instance. Involve the reader by summing up the story and generating interest in the very first paragraph.

Search the web for some actual press releases in order to get a feel of the language, the tone, the structure and the format of standard press releases. Do not make it too flashy; use the colours and formatting sparingly in order not to distract the readers from the main points. Use ‘PDF’ files only if you are forwarding a complete media kit full of graphics; otherwise, a simple word document could be of better use to the reporters.

Three hash symbols (#) centred at the end of the press release is the journalistic standard to signal the end of the press release.

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