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Online education, also called distant education is a unique education system which involves learning by means of a computer via the internet, extranet or intranet.

The uniqueness about this quality of learning is that it does not involve paper nor is confined to classroom and is flexible to suit students across the globe.

The study materials, documents or discussions are accessible to students through e-mail or website of the institute for reference and learning.

Most professionals or students looking for flexible study schedule due to work, illness or duties towards family opt for online education system.

Online Education is mainly of two types, asynchronous & synchronous where synchronous involves live lectures and direct interaction between students and teachers online at a particular time and day.

Asynchronous learning involves accessing study materials, recorded lectures and discussions through email or websites of the universities.

Online Education not only gives flexibility to students but also gives wide range of options on courses and universities to choose from across the globe.

This type of learning also makes students independent, improves their technical skills with the increased use of online tools.

Online education decreases social interaction, immediate feedback from teachers is absent and is limited only to students with comprehensive computer and internet skills.

To conclude, online education is an innovative way of learning that makes education all the more interesting and enjoyable.

Article Written by Sushma Srivatsan [237 Words]
Posted on Oct 1, 2013 with Views.

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