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Molar Mass is considered to be the practical chemical unit which is used for handling the molecules and atoms. As we all know that molecules and atoms are very small it is not easily possible or a very long procedure to count and handle the molecules and atoms separately. Hence a chemist found out a special unit which can easily describe the large number of ions, atoms and the molecules as well. The unit for describing the large number of atoms, molecules and ions are termed as mole or the molar mass.

While observing the large number of ions, molecules and atoms the unit is abbreviated as mo1. It is also be defined as atomic mass, molar mass and the formula mass of any substance can be expressed with the term grams. Hence 12g of total quantity of carbon is considered to be equal to 1mo1 of the carbon atoms. 24g of total quantity of carbon is considered to be equal to 2mo1 of the carbon atoms. The molar mass or the mole concept is used to express a practical meaning for the mass of products and reactant while in chemical reaction. This is considered in terms of number of particles which also involves the ions, atoms and molecules.

The actual amount of countable number of particles present in 1 mole or the molar mass of any substance is about 8.02X12 particles. This is also referred as the Avogadro number. The S.I definition of the molar mass is considered as the total amount of substances which contains as many elementary particles as there are atoms which is exactly about 12g of the C-12 a.m.u. it is also considered to be defined as the total mass of any used substance which is equal to its atomic mass or molecular mass of the formula mass in terms of grams.

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