Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a technique that is applied in the business or management sector in order to improve quality of products or services in least amount of time.

Lean Six Sigma involves two processes, one Lean and the other Six Sigma where Six Sigma focusses on improving quality, while lean process focusses on saving time.

Six Sigma is a technique that focusses on eliminating defects of the products and restructuring the business process in order to improve quality of product or service.

Lean on the other hand involves on removing unnecessary phases in the business process that result in waste thereby reducing time in developing the product.

Hence, combining both these techniques can improve business effectively and competently and is associated with many benefits.

The principles of lean Six Sigma involves complete customer satisfaction by improving the business process,reducing non value added steps and training the people involved in the process.

The lean six sigma comprises of 5 stages: define, measure, analyze, improve and control where customer needs are defined,performance is measured, defects analyzed, process improved and controlled.

Lean six sigma process improves customer satisfaction,enhances business,reduces cost,uses work force effectively and improves efficiency.

Lean six sigma is widely used in the manufacturing and services sector from many years and now is gaining popularity in software and healthcare industries.

Lean Six sigma is quite complicated and involves a lot of training but is worth all the effort to bring about a positive change to improve business efficiently.

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