Kayaking is a water sport activity that involves the use of Kayak a boat that is pointed at the ends and has two blades and moves with the help of a paddle.

Kayaking is gaining more and more popularity as a water sport with different forms such as flat water kayaking, sea and white water kayaking.

Kayaking is also practiced for recreation and is performed on slow moving rivers, lakes or ponds, while sea kayaking is done on larger water bodies and white water kayaking is done on Whitewater Rivers.

Kayaking originated at the North Pole as Inuits used this as a necessity to navigate through the chill waters for hunting fish and seals.

This sport then gained popularity as a water sport in the early 20th century and even got included in the Olympic Games in 1936.

There are certain effective tips that can be followed while kayaking such as choosing the right type of Kayak and paddle and improving one’s stamina levels before venturing into such adventure sports.

It is always important to decide on the type of kayak depending on whether it is for whitewater kayaking or sea kayaking as sea kayak may not be suitable for whitewater.

Choosing the paddle involves the shape, length, material and design of the blade and hence it is best to involve a professional in these matters.

One of the important safety precaution to be followed while kayaking is the climatic conditions and water currents needs to be checked before venturing.

Other important safety measures include wearing bright clothes that stand out in case of an emergency; a whistle and a spare paddle must be carried.

Beginners or first timers should never venture alone and it is always advisable for an experienced professional to accompany them for guidance.

Benefits of kayaking include greater strength and fitness level, paddling kayak helps to burn calories and promotes weight loss, improves cardiovascular fitness and reduces stress etc.

Kayaking is one of the sports that not only improves fitness, but also lets you enjoy the beauty of nature leaving you refreshed and energized.

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