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Japanese diet contains a lot of rice, vegetables and seafood. It is one of the healthiest in the world and helps in fighting serious illnesses such as cancer and heart diseases. Because of their healthier diet and lifestyle Japanese people live longer and healthier than anyone else in the world. No doubt, Japanese food is gaining growing popularity worldwide these days.

Japanese food offers a great variety delicious dishes of national and regional specialities categorized as rice, seafood, noodle, meat, soya bean and a great many other dishes.

Rice has been the chief ingredient of Japanese food for over 2,000 years and still continues to be so despite decreasing rice consumption and changing patterns in eating habits during the past few decades.

A plain bowl of rice is served with most Japanese meals, though sometimes mixed with raw eggs and soya sauce.

Japanese ‘sushi’ is popular among Japanese food lovers around the world. There are several types of ‘sushi’ preparations but they mainly contain cooked white rice flavoured with rice vinegar.

The salad items include cabbage, cucumber, potato, radish, harusame noodle salad with soya sauce/mayonnaise dressing etc. These are often mixed with shrimps, crab meat and seaweeds.

Japanese desserts are cute and consist of sweet stuff made of rice flour. They have crispy waffles of Tai fish filled with sweet jam, pan cakes sandwiched with jam and sweet dumplings made of sticky rice cake.

You have various options of beverages to drink while in Japan, some typically Japanese ones are ‘nihonshu’ (a kind of Japanese alcohol); ‘shochu’ made from barley, rice or other ingredients; ‘chuhai’ which is basically a ‘shochu’ highball with soda water added; and a variety of wines.

Although western style tables and chairs are provided in most Japanese restaurants, the traditional way of eating is from low tables by sitting on pillows laid on the floor, known as ‘zashiki’ style. The footwear is left outside at the entrance while entering the seating area.

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