Insomnia is a sleep related ailment where an individual is sleep deprived and has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.

The causes and symptoms of Insomnia depend on the type and severity and is divided into three types namely transient, acute and chronic.

Acute Insomnia generally lasts for days to a week and is caused mainly due to stress, depression, changes in environment, medications etc.

Chronic Insomnia lasts for more than a month and is caused due to chronic stress, anxiety or due to a major health problem.

Symptoms of Insomnia are problem sleeping at night, wakening too early or during the night, not feeling fresh even after a night’s sleep, irritability , trouble focusing on everyday jobs.

Insomnia is diagnosed by a physician by asking the patient to keep a track of the sleep pattern for a period of time (2-3 weeks) along with a physical examination and assessment of medical history.

Treatment depends on the type and severity as minor insomnia can be treated by practicing good sleeping habits or through short term medications.

Chronic insomnia is cured by treating the health condition responsible for it or through appropriate therapies such as relaxation techniques etc.

Insomnia can be prevented by sticking to a sleep routine daily, regular exercise, meditation, avoiding conflicts or disturbing TV shows before sleep, limiting caffeine, avoiding smoking and alcohol.

Insomnia can affect any age group of people and it can be treated with appropriate medications and therapies.

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