Grief is an extreme emotion of sorrow generally caused due to many unavoidable situations in life such as death of a dear one, broken relationship, illness of self or a loved one etc.

Any individual in sorrow goes through seven stages of grief which are denial & shock, guilt, anger, depression, adjustment, reconstruction and hope.

Denial is the first response of anybody for any untoward incident in life or due to the separation from their loved ones leaving them in a state of shock.

This is followed by unimaginable pain and guilt over past situations and how it could be handled better with their loved one.

This may lead to anger on oneself or may result in blaming somebody else for the loss making relationships more complicated.

Many Individuals in grief also start to curse their fate or pray to the almighty and bargain for their loss in return for something else.

Grief also results in depression when individuals begin to realize the truth and the degree of loss and even isolate themselves from others only to become lonely.

Sometimes the emotions are so strong that many people resort to alcohol, drugs and excessive smoking to overcome their grief which makes things more worse not only for them, but also for people around them and for their other loved ones.

There are many ways to overcome grief and it is best to look for more positive ways by meditating, frequently visiting spiritual places, speaking to close friends and family members, letting out emotions through tears and engaging in spiritual or other activities which help in rebuilding life.

In case all the above options fail to give solace to a person in grief, it is best to consult a therapist or counselor and seek professional help to overcome the loss and start living positively.

Grief can be due to anything, but being positive and accepting the situation with courage and looking forward with hope is the positive step towards rebuilding life.

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Posted on Oct 29, 2013 with Views.

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