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The average surface temperature of our planet has increased by more than one degree Fahrenheit since the late 1880s, most of the increase having occurred during the last thirty years and, especially, the last one decade being the warmest ever recorded.

The world has also been witnessing erratic changes in the climatic behaviour during the recent past. These changes have caused devastating floods, a record number of droughts, wildfires and super storms resulting into billions of dollars of loss across the globe.

This unprecedented heating up of our planet followed by erratic changes in the climate is a clear signal of the alarming phenomenon called global warming.

The impact of global warming can also be seen in the melting of mountain glaciers and the huge ice sheets covering the Arctic and the Antarctic seas, rising of the sea water level, changing ecosystems and the habitats of several wildlife species and increasing precipitation (rain and snowfall) all over the world.

Carbon pollution is the main reason for our planet getting heated up. The solution, therefore, lies in cutting down carbon pollution by reducing our overdependence on fossil fuels and turning to cleaner and renewable forms of energy.

In the United States alone the fossil-fuelled power plants emit about 2.4 billion tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) every year accounting for 40% of the nationís total emissions.

Curbing carbon pollution is a tall order involving global coordination and cooperation, strong political will and leadership along with heightened public awareness and participation.

Environmental Protection Agency of the U.S. is proposing to set new anti-pollution standards under the Clean Air Act to reduce the power plant emissions in the U.S. 26% by 2020 relative to the peak levels of 2005. The proposal needs to be bolstered with huge investments in cost-effective means of producing alternative forms of energy and its efficient usage. Eventually the benefits of investment will outweigh the costs by creating more jobs and by way of improved climatic conditions and the health of the people.

Left to itself Mother Nature has been maintaining an excellent environmental balance for millions of years to sustain multitude forms of life on earth. But during the past couple of centuries manís increasing tinkering with nature has disturbed the delicate balance. The unprecedented global warming and the erratic weather, year after year, is natureís way of hinting us of an imminent environmental disaster. It is high time we listened to nature seriously and start taking remedial and preventive actions before it is too late.

Article Written by Dolphi D'Silva [427 Words]
Posted on Oct 19, 2013 with Views.

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