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The Chinese people believe a lot in Feng Shui. Many Chinese and even non-Chinese would consult a Feng Shui expert before putting up their house or commercial establishments and even with their redecorations to increase the positive vibes of the place. They believe that when you follow Feng Shui they are paving the way for good luck into their homes and blocking the bad.

Feng Shui has a very long and old history covering for thousands of years. At first it was mainly about Chinese astronomy then from one dynasty to the next, more techniques were added. Feng Shui experts are now using various instruments that they use to properly position every part of the building and even with the furniture. They make sure to get the right direction to maximize the effects.

Feng Shui is used for different purposes but mostly itís to bring in good luck especially when it comes to money. Others use Feng Shui so they could find a lover or to bring happiness and good health to their families.

There are many Feng Shui items you can buy and put in your house to bring such good luck. One of that is the bgua which has 8 trigrams. You are to put it on a door to welcome you, your family and guests and itís what is believed to bring peace, prosperity and love.

Christians who believe in the Bible donít consent to such beliefs because they donít believe that oneís fate lies on the right direction of the door of your house, the furniture and many others that Feng Shui is known for.

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