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Facebook is an online social networking group or site that enables people across the world to connect with their family and friends.

In this group people can create profiles, view each otherís profiles after making friends, search for friends, advertise their business or enjoy sharing views, opinions, greetings, photos etc.

This group is gaining more and more popularity these days that individuals of all age groups from young kids to the elderly spend long hours in viewing profiles, connecting with friends uploading photos chatting etc.

There are loads of features on Facebook that enable people to chat, view ,post messages and even like or dislike posts, comments or photos on it.

Facebook like is a feature on Facebook that allows its members to like a content such as posts, comments and photos.

The feature also shows the number of people who liked the content and even lists a few names of people who like the content.

Facebook likes are important because it links many people and the liked content is displayed in the news feed thereby displaying it many more making it more and more popular.

For many people across the world, getting more Facebook likes for their uploaded photos or content gives a good and a happy feeling.

For business and advertising, Facebook likes, help to connect online with many people across the world thereby making the product or business popular but also at the same time may or may not target the required audience.

Facebook likes can be increased with the help of Facebook Ads, great content, by including images in posts etc.

Facebook likes or Facebook though makes people popular on the social networking site it also has drawbacks as more and more youngsters are getting distracted and addicted to Facebook.

Many young Teenagers get depressed over fewer Facebook likes which in turn results in poor academic performance.

Facebook like is an enjoyable feature that should be taken in the right stride and is no way a means for evaluating oneself.

Article Written by Sushma Srivatsan [349 Words]
Posted on Oct 30, 2013 with Views.

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