Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a positive way of identifying, understanding, evaluating and controlling emotions in order to reduce stress and conflict.

Some features of emotional intelligence include self –management, self -awareness, social awareness, relationship management, social skills, motivation etc.

Self- management includes managing feelings and impulses in a healthy way and not giving in to emotions such as jealously or anger.

Self- awareness is an important feature of EI as it involves realizing weakness and strengths in oneself and improving on weakness.

Empathy is the ability to understand others feelings and emotions and is very important feature for managing relationships.

Social skills involve good communications and interaction with others and individuals with good social skills have high emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence is very important aspect of life as it reduces conflicts thereby improves relationships, reduces mood swings, depression and stress.

This enhances an individual’s physical and mental well-being thus resulting in a happier outlook towards life.

Being positive, recognizing one’s flaws, improving communication skills, being open-minded and looking at opportunities for self- improvement are some methods of improving emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence is an essential aspect for life and makes us look at the brighter side of life and helps in overcoming difficulties with courage and confidence.

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