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Electric vehicles are automobiles which utilize electricity instead of fuel for movement and have electric or traction motors within.

There are many different companies coming up with new models and technology in electric vehicles making them more popular these days.

Battery electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are the three main types of electric vehicles.

Battery electric vehicles or BEV require an external source for power usually batteries and require a large motor and battery backup along with constant charging for long distance trips.

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles can recharge the batteries by connecting the vehicle plug to the external source or grid and also have an internal combustion engine onboard.

Hybrid electric vehicle is one which uses both electric propulsion as well as internal combustion engine propulsion.

There are several advantages of electric vehicles such as they are environmental friendly, energy efficient, requires less maintenance and most batteries can be recycled reducing wastage problem.

The disadvantages of these vehicles are they are suitable for short distances, recharging batteries consume more time, and batteries are expensive and heavy occupying vehicle space.

With more and more new innovations in technology there is a greater possibility of reduced cost and increased battery life of electric vehicles making it more affordable to consumers.

Governments of various countries need to take certain measures like incentives or tax credits to encourage people to buy electric vehicles.

With the rising fuel prices and enormous pollution it is better to switch to electric vehicles which are energy efficient and environmental friendly.

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