Distress in psychological terms means the ‘bad’ or ‘negative’ type of stress which is the opposite of eustress. This happens in situations where we have excessive demands placed upon us. At times, there are certain demands or expectations placed upon us which puts us in excessive mental as well as physical pain. It in turn produces stress. This is an unavoidable form of stress which can happen at any point of time in our life. A few instances which may cause distress could be the job of a person, issues in the marital life of a person, academic issues and pressure could even be a probable reason for this distress. It creates immense discomfort in the mind of a person leaving him/ her uneasy and troubled.

Causes and Consequences:
This stress happens when one becomes too overworked. This is extremely harmful for a person and it retards not only the bodily development of a person but also his mental development. In simple words it is an unpleasant or a disease-producing stress. Some kind of a chronic or uncontrolled stress in a negative form may cause damage to the immune system, prolonged illness or even death. Distress also may sometimes lead to mental misbalance. In a distressed situation a person is not in a position to even think straight. It is for these reasons that we all need to become extremely aware of these continuous causes of distress and try out different ways to manage them.

The most difficult form of distress is in the emotional form. Generally, it is easy to give medication for problems which can be explained in terms of some physical ailments. When something comes in the emotional form it becomes difficult to express the pain that a person suffers. Also, it becomes challenging for another person to understand the emotional distress of the person suffering and counsel or give medication for the same.

The two most common health problems associated with emotional distress are anxiety and depression. There are several ways through which distress can be diagnosed. Distress is also associated with sudden anger, temperamental or moody behavior. Emotional distress can also happen as a result of an instable marriage, problems in the school or college etc. Some people are also emotionally distressed not because of some particular cause or reason but the, reason for such a distress may be chronic. There are some people who might have a difficult childhood or family issues which leaves behind a permanent instability in their behavior. This comes out in the form of an emotional outburst or distress.

The most common treatment for distress is in the form of medicines like anti-depressants by a general physician and not by a psychiatrist. But, general physicians due to the immense amount of workload on them do not always have the time to follow up with their patients. So, if a patient comes to the physician once and then does not turn up or goes ahead and consults another physician, how will this help in the betterment of the patient at all? Also, patients are not always aware of the side effects of these medications. Many of these pills are also addictive which causes huge damage to a patient.

Therefore, in my opinion it is advisable to consult a psychiatrist or a counselor so that the person suffering receives appropriate advice. It will definitely be beneficial for a person to receive appropriate advice and then try and come out of emotional trauma with which one is suffering.

Hence, distress is a form of excessive strain upon a person leading to deterioration in his/her mental as well as bodily health. This distress can occur in various forms but it should be cured through counseling mostly and, medication should be avoided as far as possible.

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