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Community service is an action or activity performed for the benefit of the public without expecting any gains in return for the service.

The main objective of community service is to instill volunteerism, patriotism, improve discipline and enhance moral and social responsibility in individuals.

Generally community service is done voluntarily but sometimes it becomes a part of academic learning as an assignment, to enhance skills, as a part of training such as military or other service.

Community service can be anything from planting trees in your neighborhood, spending time with elderly people in an old age home, helping around at a religious place or at non-profit organizations.

Community service is very important to any individual as it increases civic sense, is a good stress buster, exposes an individual to new people and responsibilities, improves self-learning, enhances skills and promotes self-confidence.

It is another opportunity to improve the community in general which induces a feeling of self-worth and improves compassion and understanding.

Community service introduces a person to many people with different backgrounds, thus helps in making new friends and improves social skills.

Community service is a great opportunity to learn new skills and talents along with experience which may help a person in the long run.

Though community service is usually a voluntary one, it requires a lot of time, commitment and sometimes requires resources which are seen as a major drawback by many people.

Every individual has to take the responsibility of improving the society through community service for a better environment and personal growth.

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