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Colorado River is one of the longest rivers in the United States which is more than 2000Km in length and flows through seven states of the US and two states of Mexico.

The history of this river dates back to more than 500 years and was first explored by a Spanish explorer Melchior Diaz and later in 1869,a team led by the head of the US geographical Survey, John Wesley Powell explored and successfully mapped the river.

The Colorado River finds its source from the Rocky Mountains located in the US state of Colorado and used to be red in color due to the silt and sediments, which now is totally absent as dam built across the river traps the silt.

The river is major water resource and supplies water to more than 20 million people and is used extensively to irrigate more than 3 million acres of land in the US.

Apart from being a water resource, it is famous for many sport activities and recreation like kayaking, fishing, tubing, rafting and canoeing.

There are many national parks alongside this river and is also a home to the famous Grand Canyon, one of the wonders of the world.

The Colorado flows through many regions, plains and plateaus making it an amazing tourist destination and many of the riverís reservoirs are sought after summer hot spots.

Dams, diversions and increased demand for water have made the river dry even before it reaches the sea making it one of the most endangered rivers of America.

Funding for water efficiency and conservation of rivers, creating public awareness about conserving rivers with the help of environmental organizations can go a long way in saving the Colorado River or any river for that matter.

Nature has blessed us with beautiful rivers and we all need to use the resources provided by the environment judiciously to avoid the wrath of nature.

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