Colonic Irrigation

Colonic irrigation is a process of cleansing the colon with the help of equipment and is similar to enema process.

Colonic irrigation is generally done before any surgical procedures in order to cleanse the colon of food particles.

Sometimes, this process is done just to cleanse the colon for health benefits, though there have been several debates on the effects of it on the body.

Individuals practicing colon cleansing believe that the wastes from the intestines are not fully ejected out of the body leading to bowel problems at a later stage.

Colonic irrigation is done by injecting lots of water into the intestine with the help of sterilized or disposable equipment in order to flush out waste, toxins etc.

This procedure is usually carried out on an empty stomach and the procedure takes about 30-45minutes and makes the person feel light.

Post the colonic irrigation session, plenty of fluid intake in the form of juices, soups and rest is advised.

Relief from gas, bloating, IBS, constipation, cleansing the colon of toxins and waste material, improving bowel movements are some of the benefits associated with colonic irrigation.

Risk of dehydration, infection, bowel perforations are some of the harmful effects associated with Colonic irrigation.

Colonic irrigation is one procedure with equal number of benefits and side effects and hence has always been debated by health professionals across the world.

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