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The rhythmic waves washing ashore the beach-front, soft sand, cool ocean breeze and gorgeous sunset in the distance lend a special charm to beach weddings.

But the romantic charm of the occasion can also be ruined by gusty winds, swarms of insects and noisy crowds of curious onlookers.

Therefore, beach weddings need to be well planned with proper choice of the location and adequate care to eliminate petty nuisances.

You have to choose proper footwear, hairstyle and hemmed gown that would keep you comfortable in the sandy and windy environment.

The sands can often get pretty hot and in order to keep your tootsies cool you should have an aisle runner made of fabric or of a thick layer of flower petals.

Nix the long veil as it would be an inconvenience in windy outdoors for you as well as for the photographer.

Prepare the guests beforehand about the location, especially if it is a sunny day, by providing travel-size bottles of accessories like quality sunscreen, bottled water, towels and hand fans to beat the heat.

Avoid holidays and weekends when the beaches are most crowded; or else you can rent a private oceanfront estate for a secluded ceremony.

Ensure that the timing is right for good photographs in clear sunlight; prepare for the sudden gusts of wind and keep insect repellents handy; and also advisable to have a large enough shoe stand for the guests.

Take professional help to arrange the decor, seating, necessary permits and get caterers well-acquainted with the local cuisine and environment.

Although the public beach may not provide you the freedom and seclusion of a private property, still it can be a great and memorable experience and need not cost exorbitantly.

For those who can afford it big can opt for resort destinations at Floridian, Hawaiian or Caribbean beaches; or exclusive islands.

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Posted on Oct 3, 2013 with Views.

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