Anaphylaxis Shock

Anaphylaxis shock is a type of allergic reaction that comes in rapid onset and may cause death in some cases. Basically the symptoms present themselves to be throat swelling or maybe low blood pressure or itchy rash or swollen eyes. The allergy may occur due to anything such as food intake, medication gone wrong or even insect bites. The effects may be on the skin, and the respiratory system on the cardiac system or even the gastrointestinal tract or mainly even the central nervous system.

Anaphylaxis shock mainly occurs due to the response mechanism of the human body. When a particular foreign agent is detected by the body a kind of white blood cells which are triggered by either immunological or non-immunological system mechanisms may trigger this attack. Normally the allergy stimulant is observed and can be noticed but in some conditions to causes remain unknown and they are termed to be idiopathic anaphylaxis. Medication such as penicillin and other antibiotics and sometimes chemotherapy are known to cause anaphylaxis in some patients. The problem of this shock is that it has the potential to risk life in a very short span of time if not treated to immediately. Though prevention is referred it cannot be completely carried out in this case. The primary treatment is an injection of epinephrine. Basically the condition derives its name from the Greek words where anaphylaxis literally means against protection.

This can normally starts itching and swelling occurs in some cases. The tongue swells and also other symptoms include a runny nose and skin may also turn blue due to lack of oxygen. Respiratory symptoms may include shortness of breath, pain while swallowing and also the general discomfort in the chest region. Rarely you're also chances of low blood pressure and this might be the only sign of anaphylaxis.

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Anaphylaxis Shock
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