Movement Conscious

Savio D'Silva | September 30 | 2013
Be conscious about your movements. Be conscious and alert about where do your feet go when you walk, how do your hands move when you talk and most other major body movements.

When we have complete knowledge of our movements then we can roam the world around us with a greater sense of freedom and agility.

People who attend my seminars ask me how I move around so freely without ever bumping into anyone or looking down to the ground. And I answer them by saying that I am always conscious about my movements so I don't need to actually see where I move. If this doesn't make any sense to you then you probably aren't that well trained in movement consciousness.

It's simple to gain this improved agility and the ability to move around or sit down anywhere without being afraid of how your posture or body language comes across to those around you.

Focus for a few minutes each day on your movements and soon you will have programmed your mind to automatically follow your movements without your eyes doing so. Still sounds confusing then try something else.

Sit down in a comfortable position on the ground or on a chair and close your eyes. Imagine yourself walking in an open field where there are absolutely no obstacles. Imagine that you are without your shoes on and that you can feel the grass beneath your soles. Keep walking ahead in this field. There is no ending, no turnings, absolutely nothing that comes in your way.

Do this for 10 minutes each day and your brain will be programmed to move with complete consciousness.

Once you are movement conscious then you witness the world open up to you and a new day dawn right in front of your eyes. Now you can walk, sit, talk, move freely and everyone around will notice the immense movement consciousness you possess although they might not quite word it the way I say it.

Confidence comes from many sources and one of them is how high our self consciousness is. The more self conscious we are, the more confident we seem to everyone around us.

A tiny part of our self consciousness are our body movements often referred to as body language by the experts. Our bodies and our expressions are always saying something to us and the people around us. Ensure that during the next few days you master movement consciousness so that your body language is more pronounced, confident and powerful when you are analyzed by people around you.
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