Deepak Sudhakar Mahale

Savio D'Silva | November 27 | 2013
Deepak Sudhakar Mahale is also known as Raju Bhai or Raju and other nicknames. He is considered to be a fraud, a scam, a cheater and a horrible man. He refused to give back our deposit paid for an office we rented out from him.

Deepak lives somewhere in Andheri West and runs an office from 16, Thankar building, S.V. Road, Opposite Kundan Jewelers, Mumbai - 400058.

Unfortunately, we found out that he had a criminal record and possible cases pending against him only yesterday.

He has been hiding and not answering his phone calls at most times because he probably has some people after him because of some fraud or debts he has created in his dealings with them.

He is trying his best to rob our money too. He is not willing to hand over our deposit paid to him even though we made huge losses at his office premises during the rainy season this year.

We have video recorded evidence that clearly shows that the entire entrance to his office building was flooded so it was difficult to enter the same.

Recorded evidence of his office leakage and water collected on the floor is also available with us.

Whenever we called him for help or to assist us in getting rid of the water collected he would not answer his phone.

He would make up excuses that he was in Pune or Hyderabad when he was right here in Andheri West, Mumbai.

He lied to us saying that he was in Hyderabad recently and that he was trying to arrange our dues but then he quickly changed colors and said that he was in Mumbai all the time and that he had no problem with paying us back our money.

He is trying to force us into giving up our deposit and is not willing to pay us back.

We called him to the D.N. Nagar Police Station two days ago but he did not answer his phone once again. Then the inspector on duty called him over 10 times but he did not answer.

Then he sent his wife Alka Mahale to file a complaint against us saying that we are not giving them enough time to pay us back the money.

However, the truth is that Deepak Mahale is a complete fraud and he possibly suffers from some mental disorders or personality related issues.

I have been counseling people for many years now and he showed no respect when he spoke to me. He always spoke arrogantly and rudely whenever he spoke to my wife too.

Now we are left no option but to file charges against him and pursue legal action. He is a big liar and a horrible person.

We had requested him to allow us to end the lease agreement with him in July this year because of the death of my mother on July 18th, 2013.

The reason was due to the large amounts of money our family had to spend on the treatment of her illness and hospital bills for over 2 months.

But Deepak and his wife Alka refused to listen to us and forced us to continue saying that if you leave then we will not return a single rupee of your deposit. Further he was threatening us by saying that we would have to pay the rent for the next 4 months if we ended the agreement now.

Deepak and his wife are frauds working as a team. One day his wife says something then the next day he says something totally different. Such behavior is normally seen in people suffering from Delirium or mental disorders.

Here are the text messages we were told to send to him today....

1. We have lost lots of money because of floods at your place during rains when peak season was on. We can try to run for 2 months more but we are going ahead with legal action if you do not understand what you have done. Savio DSilva here. By the way I am a Psychotherapist.

2. 30th November onwards you will be charged with interest and brought to court for negligence, ignorance, harassment and mentally deranged bahavior. All the best. Savio D'Silva.

3. You are also being reported for extortion, blackmail, mental disorders and fraud and notice is being sent to your address.

4. We got a list of cases pending against you and we are publishing our legal action against you in the media.

5. Video recordings of your pagdi system office during rains are being uploaded today on Youtube with your name as the pagdi tenant.

6. You harassed us mentally so badly that we are in deep state of shock but now we know that justice will be done and you will be imprisoned for it.

7. Our lawyer says that you not receiving our phone calls is good enough to file charges against you. We are happy that you will not cheat people once your name comes in the media.

We would strongly advise you to stay away from Deepak Sudhakar Mahale, his wife, and anyone else who is remotely related to him.

Do your research on him and you will know exactly what we are saying here.
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