Decision Making Is The Key

Savio D'Silva | September 30 | 2013
Each day we make decisions - some big, some small, and all the choices we make are probably the results of a decision.

It's tough for many of us to make some decisions while it is tougher for few others to even make a decision. People sometimes tend to give others around them the power to make their decisions.

This is not a wise thing to do since giving another human being the power to make a decision for you is like giving them a fruit they don't like eating but still forced to eat because there is nothing else set to eat on the dining table in front of them.

It's important to know that the toughest part about life is not about decision making or not but the fact that we get scared to make our own decisions in the first place and let others make 'em for us.

There is no such thing as a right decision or a wrong decision. It is all about perception.

The biggest reason we are afraid of making decisions is because we are either scared of the consequences or we are worried about it being a wrong decision. Some other times we are just scared of change or doing something new or different.

However, it is important to know that decisions are simply choices for our brain and the moment we make one choice or a series of choices then our brains are configured in such a way so as to treat the decision we just made as the right and the only decision at that point of time.

Ever wondered why we remember only the first thing that comes to our mind or enters our mind?

We remember Usain Bolt, Neil Armstrong, and most other people who came in first or did something big for the first time. But we usually fail to remember who came in second or who completed that major task after the first person. The reason for this is simple - our brain saw the first one or infused the first entrant into our memories and switched off thereafter. So it's almost impossible to remember who came in second in the 100 meter dash at the Summer Olympics unless that runner was a person we know or was someone from our country.

Our brains can handle limited information so only the first thing that enters it has the best chance of being retained and remembered for the future. As simple as that!

The same goes with decision making. If we just make a choice our brain then finds a way to make that choice work for us. Our minds start working out the best ways to put that decision you just made to work.

So it's just a matter of making a decision since thereafter our brain does not care whether that decision is right or wrong. It just acts on that decision as if it were right (and hopefully it is).

That's the reason why we must make our own decisions from today since in doing so we are allowing ourselves to be more proactive, productive, effective and successful.

We can trick our brains into believing that whatever decision we make is the best decision just by making a decision. So go right ahead and make a decision right now....
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