50 Good Ways To Save Money

1) Be more organized. Keep everything in its place. Have a fixed place for every single thing inside your home. There must be a right place for everything and everything must be in the right place. You save a lot of money when you are more organized.

2) Do all your basic cooking just once in a week. Boil potatoes, eggs, vegetables, etc. in advance. Then store them in the fridge once they have cooled down. An hourís worth of preparation one fine day will give you tasty, cheap and quick home cooked meals for the whole week. You end up saving lot of cash and have enough free time to spend with the kids or just chillax.

3) My grand uncle taught me at a tender age that I make a rupee when I save a rupee. He would give me Re.1 each time I polished his leather shoes for him in the morning before he left for work. But he would tell me that he would give me an extra Rs.10 if I saved up all the Re.1 tips he gave me for polishing his shoes during the entire month. I realized after just 1 month that I would make a lot more money when I saved more money.

4) Sleep for 9 hours a day and eat a wholesome breakfast in the morning and you will probably save a lot on your lunch and dinner bills. Studies reveal that those that skip breakfast spend more on lunch, snacks and tea bills every month.

5) Failing to plan is planning to fail. The value of saving a bit each day is more valuable than the priceless Gold you will find once you understand the immense knowledge being shared inside this vast resource on ways to save money.

6) Download free workout videos online. You will find many on YouTube. It's way cheaper and better than joining a gym and paying lots of money for the yearly membership fees. You will find thousands of videos related to any form of exercise that you want to learn and do at your own home.

7) Make a list of things that make you happy and more relaxed. The list of things should be things that cost no money to do. Things like meditation, napping, daydreaming, staring outside the window, etc. don't cost us any money yet people do these things as if they cost a lot of money to do it.

8) Try to make every food item inside your own home. Don't order anything from outside for a month. Prepare breakfast, lunch, tea, snacks and dinner at home for a month and you will surely save a minimum of Rs.1000 if you plan your menu in advance and stick to it for the whole month.

9) Boil milk in larger quantities. Then cool it down and store in the fridge for a few days at a time. You save lots of money when you boil things like milk and drinking water in larger quantities. In our home, we boil 2 liters of milk for use every 3 days. It takes more or less the same time to boil half a liter of milk. The trick is to huge a large stainless steel vessel to boil and store the milk.

10) You can save lots of money during the late evening hours by relaxing alone or with your family inside your bedroom. No watching TV or using any electrical connections. Just put your feet up or lay down on the bed, close your eyes and relax. You can listen to soft music or a Guided Relaxation audio book on your rechargeable speakers. You can download a few Guided Relaxation MP3 files from Osovo.com.

11) The monthly habit of saving money is a powerful one. Even if you keep aside a little amount each month, you end up with lots of money in 10 years time. Keep your money safe in a fixed deposit with your favorite bank. The power of Compound Interest has turned middle class people into Millionaires after 20 years of constant saving and collecting the interest on it each year.

12) Make the most of the now. Live in the present moment. Not in the past. There are Millions of people who are living in the past for most of the time. You spend a lot of time and money when you are sad, lonely or worrying about the past and future. The now is all that matters. Be happy right now. In this moment. Live better right now.

13) A nice little social habit we have is that we invite our friends and relatives over for tea on certain evenings each month. We don't invite them over for lunch or dinner. We have noticed that we get to spend more quality time with our loved ones when we sit down with them enjoying our cup of tea. Also, tea is a less expensive meal than lunch and dinner.

14) Sell the cardboard boxes that come along with home deliveries of shopping items. You get atleast Rs.100 per 10 boxes you have. The bigger and heavier the boxes, the more money you get. Of course, it goes without saying that one should not shop just to make this little extra money by selling the cartons that come along with the shopping items.

15) Stop listening to the radio, instead broaden your horizons, increase your knowledge on certain topics, or learn a new language through listening to audiobooks on your mobile phone. You can download several free audiobooks from the web. There are many publishers who sell audiobooks for cheap prices just like we do.

16) Wear shorts, Pajamas, nighties (for ladies), lungis (for gents) or similar lighter clothing during the Summer while at home. Pajamas, lungis, nighties and shorts are much cheaper than pants, trousers, jeans, etc. If possible, wear lighter clothing throughout the year. It saves money on washing detergent and electricity as you can easily wash and dry such clothing on your own. It is good for your health due to the lighter porous material which helps the skin breathe more easily.

17) Use restaurant coupons wisely. You will find discount coupons on the web for most restaurants these days. Write those codes down or use them as directed whenever you plan to go out for lunch or dinner. You can cut the cost of your entire meal by upto 50% when you use discount coupons of that restaurant.

18) Know how to spot a bargain. When you buy a garment, check its construction, care instructions, fiber content, and other label information. Be sure it will last and will be easy to care for.

19) Eat less. The average adult eats too much. This is an actual fact. Those who are well to do usually eat more than what their body needs every day. So eat in smaller plates, drink a glass of water before lunch and dinner, and eat lesser than what makes you full.

20) Avoid the temptation to go for lifetime free credit cards, free texting schemes, etc. as when you get the bill you soon realize nothing much in this world is truly free.

21) A nice way to save some money and celebrate friendship is to have an all night get together where you and your friends stay up all night watching a few movies one after another. Each of your friends can carry along 1 movie on a pen drive or memory card and then you can watch it together on your video player connected to the TV.

22) Stash a couple of apples and 2 bottles of drinking water in your car's glove compartment. You never know when you feel like eating something. It's best to have a little snack and drink lots of water when you are driving. Stop over of course. Take a break inside your car. Stop near a scenic view. Admire the scenery while you drink some clean drinking water and munch on an apple.

23) Do not buy packet juices ever again. Instead prepare your own fresh fruit juices at home. Orange, Mosambi, Watermelon and Mango juice are the easiest ones to make at home. You won't even need an electric juicer to make these juices. We love drinking chilled Water Melon juice during the hot months of the year. We get more than 2 liters of juice from 1 big water melon.

24) Save flush water. Put in a brick or empty water bottle filled with water and it will use less water per flush, and not cost you anything. There are toilets that reduce water consumption each time you flush, but they're more expensive.

25) Shop when no one else wants to or no one else goes out to shop. Shop owners usually give bigger discounts at these times. For example, during the heavy rains, most fruit and vegetable vendors willingly give us a hefty discount on the price. Especially if you purchase larger quantities.

26) Sometimes what sounds tedious and expensive at the moment is not so in the long run. For example, boiling your drinking water uses up some cooking gas every 2 days but by drinking boiled water you are surely saving yourself and your family from expensive medical bills in the near future.

27) Buy pulses and grains in bulk once every 3 months or so and store them in big containers at home. Look out for the cheapest deals at local supermarkets or in online groceries and buy them then.

28) Make plain boiled rice for a quick and nutritious meal every single day. Don't throw the water used to boil it away as it is a super healthy drink for everyone to have. It's called Kanji water and is really good for your overall health and wellness.

29) Shop during sales and special discount exhibitions for products you buy just once or twice a year. Make a list of all such things that you need to buy for yourself or your home and then wait for the best and lowest priced deals on those products. Never be in a hurry to buy stuff. You will lose lots of money that way.

30) Never upgrade your software unless you really need it. Upgrade only if it is free to do so. And if you actually need that software on your computer or laptop. Software companies have found an easy way to make lots of money by literally forcing users to upgrade to the latest versions of their software. But you don't have to.

31) Collect your shower water by bathing while standing in a large tub. You can use it to water the plants or wash the floors. Water might be free or have a little cost in your monthly budget but whatever uses water also uses other things along with it. Besides, we must all do out bit to help save the planet.

32) No tennis coaching for you or your kids as it's a rather expensive activity. Instead save up and invest in a good summer camp at a nearby club where your kids can learn not just one sport but many sports at the same time.

33) Outsource some of your work online to save time for the more important things in your life. This works well for you if you are in business or are into freelancing work. There are websites like Fiverr where you can get things done for $5 and above. I outsource research and content writing work on such sites often and save both time and money by focusing on things that matter more.

34) Try to use your cycle to go to nearby places such as the market and ATM. Better still, walk there if you can. You can do with the physical exercise. I've been walking to the fruit and vegetable market for the last few years of my life. Earlier we would take a rickshaw for this purpose. I can't tell you how much money I have saved just by walking to the market and bank during the past few years.

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36) Do not employ the services of a cook for your family. If you don't know to cook then learn it. It's not difficult to do so. Also, if you claim that you don't have the time then it's high time you make the time to cook your own meals. By the way, preparing instant foods such as packet noodles, soups, pastas, etc. do not make you a cook.

37) Exercise more. Go for a walk or a jog each evening, and practice stretching and some light muscle exercise at home. These exercises can be done at home for very little, meaning youíve got an activity without a lot of cost, and the health benefits are enormous.

38) Pay the full price for a service rendered to you only if the service was rendered to your complete satisfaction. Money is not found inside water wells. You need to earn it the hard way. So if you are receiving a service from a consultant or professionals such as barbers, tailors, etc. make sure you get what you asked for before paying them for it.

39) Stay at a hostel, ashram, retreat house or a person's place while on holiday instead of booking a room at a hotel. You can find relatively inexpensive rooms for rent on sites such as AirBnb. You are almost certain to receive better and more homely treatment by staying at such places.

40) To live a better life and be happy with what you have you should create your life's purpose and include in it that you will help others less fortunate than you be richer and live better lives too. It's amazing how rich and happy you feel when you share what you have with others less fortunate than you.

41) Avoid processed food. The preservatives, artificial ingredients, and high fat content are not good for you. Switch from processed cheese to cottage cheese or Paneer. It's healthier for you and saves a couple of hundred rupees per kilo when you buy Paneer instead of processed cheese.

42) Order fast food when on vacation. Don't try the expensive restaurants at hotels or in the vicinity. Fast food places are much cheaper to eat at when on holiday. A single dinner in a restaurant will cost your family Rs.1000 or more. While a dinner at a fast food place will cost you around Rs.500.

43) Take along a hot plate on your next trip or long vacation. It will really save you lots of money as you can make your own meals inside the hotel room itself. Don't use it to make major meals but use it to fry and reheat items purchased from the local supermarkets or grocery stores.

44) Avoid late fees. Always pay your bills on time. You can easily save a little a month this simple way. And, you will also reduce your stress levels a bit since you do not owe a rupee to anyone.

45) Cut down on expensive veggies like mushrooms, asparagus, cauliflower, fresh peas, etc. Cut down on costly dairy produce such as cheese, processed milk, etc. Buy more tomatoes, carrots, onions, potatoes, spinach, green peppers and fresh poultry. Frozen foods should be stopped completely; they are not only unhealthy but also more expensive than fresh produce.

46) Never buy cheap electronic gadgets. They are usually not energy efficient. They won't last too long either. It will cost more to maintain and repair them. It won't even be easy to repair cheap electronics items. They will cost your dearly in the long run.

47) Buy second hand chairs whenever possible. These days, you can buy a great set of chairs for a few thousand rupees when you buy it second hand. Furniture showrooms and online furniture sites are known to cheat people by pricing furniture 7 to 10 times what it costs them to make it.

48) Make all bill payments online, saves on transport costs to the bill payment centers. Set up automatic payments and payment reminders so that you never miss an important payment. Bill payments are free with every bank these days. So make full use of this wonderful time and money saving service.

49) Get your vehicle serviced on time. Especially if it's a new car or motorbike. Keeping your vehicle in top notch condition through regular care, servicing and maintenance will save you lots of money in the years ahead. It is usually best to wash your own vehicle instead of outsourcing that work to someone else.

50) Use leftover food well. Never throw it out unless you really cannot think of any way to use that leftover food on the next day. If you must throw it out, then consider giving away that food to a poor family that lives nearby. You can easily store most foods in the fridge for a day or two before throwing it out or giving it away to the poor and the hungry.

From the eBook & Audiobook Series "1000 Best Ways To Save Money" by Kirti and Savio DSilva available on Osovo.com.

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