50 Easy Ways To Save Money

1) Keep the extra spaces or rooms in and around your home closed at most times. You don't need them to be open unless you really need to use them. A single room's electricity is around Rs.200 for a common household in India. So the fewer rooms that you use the lights and fans in each month, the lower should be your light bill.

2) Switch off the computer monitor whenever you are away from the computer for more than a few minutes. It is shocking how much electricity a monitor uses. Same goes for Plasma TV sets. Always turn it off when you aren't watching it. Listen to music on a rechargeable speaker instead of spending time watching TV or playing games on the computer.

3) There is a golden rule as far as money saving is concerned. It has been mentioned elsewhere in this series due to its importance. The golden rule is that a Rupee saved is a Rupee made. In other words, whenever we save Rs.100, we have actually earned ourselves Rs.100. That's why it is so important to save money every single day of our lives.

4) We teach our 7-year-old son the value of money by showing him how much work we need to do to earn even a thousand rupees. When he sees me sitting down at my computer working for 5 hours a day then he fully understands how hard it is to make each thousand rupees that we earn in a month. This way, he never asks us to buy things for him unless he really feels that he needs it.

5) Stay away from social networks as they are designed to tempt you to show off and spend more money on things you need not spend money on. Most people these days simply go out to fancy restaurants and costly vacation destinations just so that they can click photos of their trips and post them on their social media accounts.

6) Buy the best and largest sized fridge you can afford. This way you can stock a lot more in there and believe it or not the electric consumption is more or less the same as a mid-sized or smaller fridge. Use the fridge to the optimum. If it's switched on 24x7 then it better be full inside.

7) Maintain a list of all the items you generally need from the supermarkets, stores, etc. each month and buy only that. Also, it's fairly important to maintain a written record of all the things you current have in your home already. I know a couple of people who go out and buy stuff only to discover that they already have enough of it when they get back home.

8) Turn off the engine of your car and coast to a stop. Only do this if you know your car and know what youíre doing. It could be unsafe, depending on the car. And please don't do this while moving in traffic.

9) A simple way to save little money every week is to have a towel wipe bath once or twice a week. A towel wipe bath is when you dip a clean towel into some water and wipe yourself all over with it. You can do this in the bathroom or even while sitting on a chair under the ceiling fan. No soap must be used, but a few drops of rose water in the bucket will work like magic.

10) Buy peanuts in bulk (say 1kg or more) and roast them over the gas two or three times a month. Allow the nuts to cool then store them in large airtight containers to munch on as a healthy snack while watching a movie with the kids or enjoying a round of drinks with a few close friends. You don't need to buy potato chips or other such expensive snacks when you have tasty Peanuts to munch on.

11) Do not buy jeans that cost more than Rs.1500 unless you really have the money to throw around. Jeans must be simple and cheap. Infact, they were clothing worn by the mining class of society in America. They are supposed to be poor people's clothing. So buy cheap pairs of jeans. But try them out first before buying them. Comfort matters more than style.

12) Put your bath towel to dry as soon as you have finished wiping yourself dry with it. You won't need to wash your bathing towel for the whole month when you do this as it stays clean when you put it to dry instantly after each use of it. Also, the chances of you falling sick or catching a cold are lesser when you wipe yourself dry as soon as you have finished taking a bath.

13) Eat less spicy foods and you will save on the cost of buying expensive spices every month. You will love naturally cooked foods a lot more once you learn to cook them well. Use green chilies instead of red chilies. Use rock salt instead of pepper.

14) Keep the air and fuel filters clean in your car. These little things when kept clean at all times will help save lots of fuel for you in the next few months and years. You can clean these yourself or have a trusted mechanic or your car's service center do it for you.

15) Drink your coffee at the office rather than at home. By doing this, you can save a massive amount of money in the long run. Each cup of coffee (with milk and sugar added) costs approx. Rs.10. If you drink 2 cups of coffee at office then you save Rs.500 a month and Rs.6000 in a year. Lots of savings.

16) Always carry an umbrella during the rainy season. Getting wet in the rain causes your clothes to get dirtier faster thereby leading to wastage of washing powder and electricity as you need to wash those wet n dirty clothes quickly. Also, you can fall sick and catch a nasty cold if you get too wet when it's raining.

17) Use a free antivirus on your computer and laptop. Most major antivirus software are available for free during the first year. Thereafter you can keep using it for free by refusing to upgrade to the paid version. I've done this for the last 15 years and have never had to pay for either the initial software or the upgraded version.

18) Keep a few bottles of Arnica ready at home in case your kids are in pain or feeling sick. Of course, please consult a homeopathic doctor before following this tip as you need to know the correct strength and dosage for your children. Arnica is cheaper and better than most Allopathic counterparts.

19) Don't just buy something because your neighbors have bought it. Comparing yourself and your family to others around you is going to prove very costly in the near future. Stop the ugly habit of comparing yourself to others and buying things only because Mrs.X bought it. Buy things only if you really need it. Be happy with what you already have. I'm sure you already have enough.

20) Watch less TV. One big way to save money is to watch less television. There are a lot of financial benefits to this: less exposure to ads, more time to focus on other things in life, less electricity use, and so on. Itís great to relax & unwind in the evening, but find better ways to do that.

21) Less mayonnaise please. Mayonnaise has high fat content since it contains oil and egg yolks. If you love mayonnaise look for the veggie option on the internet. We make veggie mayo in our home and it's healthier and cheaper.

22) Set up a dummy email account that you can use to receive email alerts from online shopping and discount coupon sites. Check that email only when you are about to buy your groceries for the month or the quarter. You can easily save 20% or more on the cost of essential grocery items by using the discount coupons provided on this dummy email address.

23) Cut down on watching movies at the theater so as to save lots of money each year. Prior to implementing this money saving tip, I watched an average of 15 movies in theaters each year. I spent over Rs.15000 each year only on movies, travel, cola and popcorn. I stopped watching movies at the theater since 2007. Ever since then, I have saved over 1 lakh rupees by watching movies on cable TV.

24) Don't paint your home just because the neighbors painted theirs. Don't buy dresses you see your favorite actress wear on TV. Don't copy the rich people and what they do. You are not them. You are unique. Do things as per your needs, your savings plan and your monthly budget. Don't live beyond your means, live below it.

25) My wife, kid and me spend most of our evening hours chatting with each other, playing, and relaxing inside the bedroom. We don't need fans in this room as the creek breeze keeps this room cool all day long. On most days, we don't even switch on the lights till it's past 8pm. It's really relaxing, enjoyable and nice to spend time and save money with each other like this.

26) Things like iPhones, Kindle, etc. are designed to waste your hard earned money. Since it is difficult to share songs downloaded through iTunes. It's also difficult to share Kindle books purchased with someone close to you since these devices are made to make these companies a massive profit while not allowing you to share things on your phone or Kindle with your loved ones.

27) Plan out a weekly menu at home and stick to it. I know a few smart people who do this and they save a lot on breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner expenses each month. It takes less than 30 minutes to plan your entire menu for the week. So why not plan it and save money by knowing exactly how much to buy and cook every day of the week.

28) Pour in half a glass of warm milk into the empty jam bottles to make sure that you don't waste any jam remaining in there. You can use a spatula to clean out pickle bottles and other such food items that you just love to eat every last bit of.

29) This one tip will save you over 1 lakh rupees in the next 10 years, that's a promise. Stop using deodorant for your private areas and underarms. Don't apply any perfume or talcum powder either. Save all that money up by using a small Rs.15 block of Alum to rub over your underarms and private parts. This will reduce the smell of sweat and other body odors drastically.

30) Use excess plastic bags to line the garbage bin. This way, you don't need to wash the garbage bin everyday and you also don't need to spend extra money on buying garbage bags. It's these little savings that add up to a lot in the long term.

31) Home food ordering is cheaper than going out to a restaurant and eating it. No big tips and no travel costs. There are a couple of home delivery apps that give you big discounts on ordering food to be delivered at your doorstep. So if you must eat food from outside, choose to order from a home delivery app using a discount coupon code to get the prices reduced.

32) Spend an hour or more on Deep Breathing exercises everyday. You will find yourself feeling more relaxed, wonderful and calmer after deep breathing for 60 minutes. In my personal experience, I've cut down majorly on social outings and substituted that time with deep breathing and relaxation exercises everyday. I've saved lots of money which would have been spent on those social outings.

33) If you have costly habits such as playing cards or other such games then you should quit playing them altogether or cut it down drastically. Pick up a creative and money making hobby such as drawing, painting, writing, making cookery videos, etc. instead of gambling your hard earned money away.

34) Always triple check credit card and bank statements. It's amazing how sneakily the banks add in extra charges and interest on certain things. If you find a mistake or a charge for something that you didn't subscribe or ask for then immediately contact your bank manager and get it sorted. Also, file a complaint with the head office of the bank so that they can look into these matters.

35) Save money by keeping your butter fresh and creamy for atleast 200 days by storing the entire packet of butter inside an air tight container inside the freezer. You should keep aside as much as you need for a week and store the rest back inside.

36) Always ask for a big discount at a restaurant when you go there for lunch or dinner in a group of 8 or more people. You shouldn't pay full charge when you are giving them good business on that particular evening. It's best to call ahead and finalize how much discount you will receive on the final bill for coming there in a group.

37) Spend 12 hours without electricity once a week ó help save planet earth. Save money too. In Naigaon, where we live, there isn't much of a choice we have in this matter. There are long electricity cuts on Fridays, Saturdays and on any day during the Summer and Rainy season. Our electricity bills are much lower in these two seasons due to these cuts.

38) Our electric driller is one of the biggest money savers inside our home especially since we have used it to drill hundreds of holes during the past decade. Carpenters take Rs.50 for each nail they put into the wall. You can easily do such basic things on your own if you have a hammer, driller, the nails and the support to make sure that the walls aren't damaged when you hammer the nails into it.

39) Giant retailers, both online and offline, depend on people's silly purchases and impulse buys. It would be wise to buy only things that you need from today. Don't ever make the mistake of wasting money on an item that you don't need. Any product that's too cheap probably has a reason for being so.

40) If, possible, install all lighting fixtures at the corners of the room as it makes the room much brighter when switched on. Corner lights reflect light off two surfaces of the rooms so you won't need a very powerful LED bulb to light up the entire room.

41) Make bags, purses and wallets out of old denim jeans lying around the home. You save money as such bags and wallets are quite expensive to buy. These nice homemade denim bags and pouches really look cool n stylish too. Do give this one a shot and you will thank us for sharing it with you.

42) Eat less meat and more vegetables in your daily diet. Meat is not always healthy plus it's more expensive to buy on a regular basis. Studies show that those who don't eat fruits and vegetables on a daily basis are more prone to stomach cancer. So eat more fruits and veggies.

43) Rechargeable table fans are a great boon for people looking to save a bit of money each month. A rechargeable table fan that we have uses 20 watts of power. A ceiling fan uses 40 to 60 watts of power. Our table fan charges fully in less than 6 hours. Then we can use it on middle power for 4 hours. On less power, for more than 6 hours.

44) Do not pack your fridge so fully that it has less circulation of cold air inside. Make sure it's full but not stuffy. Keep the temperature below 4 degrees Celsius in order to ensure that it's working at its best. Food inside lasts longer when the air is kept cool at all times inside the fridge.

45) Buying a new home is a dream come true for most people. Millions of Indians take up home loans to make this dream come true. Most go in for a home loan at a private or nationalized bank at a more or less fixed rate of interest provided by then. Doing your research and bargaining a bit can save you thousands of rupees by shaving off just 0.25% of interest from the home loan.

46) We usually take our vacations when there is very little work to do. In other words, the slow or off season at the office is the best time to take a break and go on a long vacation with the family. I've found it a lot more relaxing to take vacations when everyone else is working. I've got the best hotel and travel deals online during the weekdays and during the off seasons at top holiday destinations.

47) I prefer relaxing in my bedroom, spending time on leisurely activities such as listening to music and writing while also enjoying the company of my wife and son who are just a close distance from my bed. Letting the evening hours pass by ever so slowly is one of the finest feelings for me. And the amazing thing is that it doesn't cost me a dime to experience these moments.

48) Install LED bulbs inside your home to save lots of energy and money in the coming years. LED lights use about 20% of the electricity of normal bulbs. They also need to be replaced less often. You save at least a hundred rupees a month by changing all the home lights to LED bulbs.

49) Buy only what you need. Need I say more. Identify your needs for each week and then only purchase things as per those needs. Never buy anything extra. Unless you really feel that what you wish to buy is something that will truly enhance the quality of your life.

50) Watch big cricket, football and Kabaddi matches in turns at each of your friend's homes. Big match days such as India vs. Pakistan or a world cup football match can be enjoyed a lot more when you watch them with your friends. Snacks, drinks, dinner, etc. can be expensive for a large group of people. So have a chat with your close buddies and organize game nights in turns at each other's home so that the money spent is equally split between all of you.

From the eBook & Audiobook Series "1000 Best Ways To Save Money" by Kirti and Savio DSilva available on Osovo.com.

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