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19 Tips To Live A Better Life From Today

19 Tips To Live A Better Life From Today
1. Start your day strongly. A big mug of freshly brewed tea is what I savor each day in the morning. So can you.

2. Don't let your hair come in your eyes. Keep them tied up. It's not a good habit to cover your face.

3. Check your social apps just once a day. Don't bother about them the rest of the time. You won't miss a thing. I've followed this for many years now and truly have not felt the difference. In fact, I'd say the quality of my life is much better without them.

4. Learn to speak well. Public Speaking is an important life skill. The audio book series '500 Public Speaking Tips' on will help you learn almost everything that you need to know on speaking in front of other people.

5. Give time towards your second calling. But give the most time to your first. Never invest all your time and energies into one career only. Have a couple of other careers good to go.


6. Sleep peacefully every night. Invest in turning your bedroom into a noiseless environment to help you sleep better. Your bedroom must be a serene, peaceful and comfortable sanctuary.

7. Wash your feet when you enter your home. It's a good clean habit. It's important to leave the outside world outside when you enter the home.

8. Live your dream. Don't stop living it till the day you die. Our dreams are everything. Truly are.

9. Write vital things down. Especially people's names, birthdays, phone numbers, emails, etc. Writing things down helps us remember things a lot more.

10. Speak in a manner that accentuates your personality, not ruins it. Speaking is a skill that must be harnessed every single day.


11. Consider getting your kids home-schooled. Especially if you have the time to educate them on your own. I've been doing the same for my 8-year-old son and it has really helped us educate him well. Besides help us spend more quality time together.

12. Have your own view on things. Don't depend on mine. Only use the tips in here that you believe will enhance the quality of your life.

13. Keep calm during an emergency. There's no point panicking. Prepare for routine emergencies that come along in almost everyone's lifetime.

14. An end comes right before a new start. Never give up hope. When you fail at something, there could be an opening for you that's suddenly appeared elsewhere.

15. Learn how to take power naps. Then take them many times a day. It refreshes both mind and body. But don't take one for more than an hour.


16. Learn something tiny from every life experience that you live through. Learning is the key. When you're learning, you're constantly growing.

17. Respect authority. Don't put them down or poke fun at them. Avoid being sarcastic either. They are in that position because they deserve to be there.

18. It's fine to compete but do so only with yourself. It's no good competing when at the end of the day you ain't proving a thing.

19. If there are positive things in the world, there is an equal amount of negativity as well. Have an eye open to see them clearly. Surround yourself with positive forces of nature for a happy life. Listen to the classic audio book 'Positive Forces Of Nature' available on

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva on Sep 2 2017 - 9:53:pm

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